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About Anchors in the Drift

Anchors in the Drift is a Free-to-Play Action RPG from 5th Cell with a unique twist that gives players the freedom to combine and craft their own customized abilities from collectible cards to combat dynamic enemies.

Anchors is set in a universe where an inter-dimensional empire known as The Domain has invaded Earth-collapsing time and causing islands from different civilizations (Remnants) to be spread across a quantum ocean known as The Drift. Heroes from all generations, called Anchors, must sail this infinite sea to liberate these Remnants from the Domain’s control.

Once a Remnant is scouted, players choose their Anchor from a set of classes and Abilities created from collectible cards called Arc Mods. Liberating a Remnant gives players leaderboard rank, XP, as well as loot for their characters.

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